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Vault Vendor Day Spotlight | March

Vault Vendor Days with Burnwell, Subdued Excitement, and Fire House Productions

We frequently host Vendor Days at our store locations where our customers can discuss the products we carry directly with the producers and processors. Various vendors set up a booth in one of the Vault locations and provide pamphlets and other informational material. A representative from the vendor is available during the Vendor Day to answer questions and discuss their company and products. We want our customers to be informed about what cannabis products they choose to use, and we believe that that information should be attainable straight from the source.

Subdued Excitement | Vault Vendor Vendor Day Silvana

Subdued Excitement Vault Cannabis Vendor Day Table in Silvana, Washington.

Subdued Excitement is a company heavily based out of North West culture. They grow and sell cannabis exclusively in Washington state…near Canada.  The company’s name pays homage to Bellingham, Washington’s unofficial slogan “The City Of Subdued Excitement”.

Subdued Excitement is a company founded by friendship. Nick is the GM and daily operations guru. Nate is the master gardener, and Seth is their master fabricator. Between the three of them they have decades of cultivation experience, which is what they say is the secret behind the quality of Sub X’s product.

But good vibes between friends is not the only factor that has made Sub X such a quality producer. A lot of knowledge and care goes into what they do. Their buds are hand trimmed and grown from superior genetics collected from the best breeders in the world. Combined that with ultra-efficient growing methods and state-of-the-art technologies, and you achieve the consistency, quality, and sustainability that is Subdued Excitement. Creating good habits and practices when growing cannabis has its benefits. Oh and did we mention their cannabis is 100% pesticide free?

Subdued Excitement’s specialty is clean and unique terpene cannabis products. These products range from pre-rolls and flower to concentrate lines of cartridges, live resins, and hydrocarbon extracts. Cold Smoke Concentrates is their flagship concentrate brand known for high quality fresh frozen material, translating to a flavorful and powerful vaporizing experience.


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Burnwell Co. | Vault Vendor Day Spokane 

Burnwell Co Vault Cannabis Vendor Day Table in Spokane, Washington

Burnwell is a small batch cannabis company out of Pullman, Washington. They grow with a unique proprietary method that enhances their plants with natural sunlight. The result is higher quality flower with less environmental impact. They are a proud leader in shifting the cannabis industry toward more environmentally friendly business practices. Burnwell breaks down their company ethos and approach into three basic components: Sun, Soil, and Soul. These elements guide their efforts to be the most responsible company in today’s cannabis industry.

Using natural sunlight is one of the contributing factors that Burnwell believes brings out the very best in their products. According to Burnwell, exposing the plants to full spectrum sunlight has the benefit of allowing full cannabinoid development. This is a key aspect of cannabis flavor that not even the most advanced grow lamps can reproduce. Using natural sunlight not only contributes to product quality, but it is at the epicenter of their environmentally friendly practices.  Burnwell’s innovative facilities use specially engineered technology that lets Burnwell harness natural sunlight to offset lamps. This method uses a fraction of the electricity while growing higher quality cannabis than traditional greenhouse growing methods. Did you know about 4% of Washington State’s electricity is already used by cannabis growers?

Soil is the next element that anchors Burnwell’s sustainable philosophies. Their state-of-the-art facilities combine the complete environmental control of indoor growing with the sustainability and scientific benefit of outdoor methods, allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint while producing world-class cannabis. Burnwell does not use chemicals and aggressive pesticides when growing their plants. All Burnwell cannabis is grown using natural methods and standards in line with Washington’s cannabis transparency laws. Burnwell strives to make the smallest environmental footprint possible, recycling and reusing everything they can, including nearly 100% of their soil and water.

Lastly, Soul is the last element of the methodology that guides Burnwell.  They define soul as their commitment to the people, the planet, and the plant. With legalization, the folks at Burnwell saw how others were producing cannabis, and felt that many were focused on speed and profit over stewardship. From their perspective, this way of thinking had the potential for harming the environment, the industry, and consumers. Unsatisfied with only uncovering unsatisfactory practices, Burnwell was formed to demonstrate to producers, processors, and consumers how the highest standards in all practices lead to a better product. A focus on sustainability can be seen in every step of Burnwell’s process, from growing methods to the final packaging that holds the products.

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Fire House Productions | Vault Vendor Day Spokane

Firehouse Productions Vault Cannabis Vendor Day Table in Spokane, Washington.

Fire House Productions is a Washington State producer and processor located in Spokane, Washington. Their goal in the cannabis industry is fairly straight forward: To put out the best weed they possibly can and make a product that any marijuana enthusiast will love.

In order to achieve this goal, the crew at Fire House is constantly reviewing what they do and are looking for places to make improvements.  They are continuously testing their methods and looking for new methodologies.  Some changes are easy for the customer to see, such as when a new strain hits the shelves, but other changes may be harder to detect. For example, when Fire House switched from plastic pots to cloth pots.  The cloth pots allow more oxygen into the roots of the plants.  Since switching, Firehouse has seen improvements to the overall health of the plants, and have also started to get more of the strain qualities coming through in the smell of the bud.  Fire House is proud of the products they put out, but are simultaneously self-conscious enough to constantly strive for higher quality producing and processing. 

Aside from being proud of the products they make; Fire House takes pride in having a cohesive company culture. It is no secret to those in the recreational cannabis industry that making it in this line of work is tough. This is why Fire House is also proud of the team they have created. Not only are they all knowledgeable, but they are all happy to call each other friends, and not just coworkers. According to Fire House, good attitudes and work ethic go a long way towards making their crop the fire that it is. 

Fire House is excited for the future.  Still being a growing company, they are smaller than most people would likely guess.  As they continue growing, they plan on adding more strains and different types of products.  For example, Fire House has a new strain of Mimosa that should be hitting shelves just in time for 420.  This new strain has been in the works for a while. Now that it is ready, the team at Fire House think it is likely to become an instant favorite. 

The Fire House team has also been working hard to re-establish their concentrate game.  In December, Fire House partnered with a new processor to release a line of crumble. In February, they released their first batch of Rosin ever.  The initial feedback on both has been extremely positive and Fire House hopes to follow them up with other great products down the line. 

Fire House is excited about what’s to come and think the customers will be too. They want their customers to be the most satisfied cannabis consumers in Washington state. 

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You can pick up Subdued Excitement, Burnwell, and Fire House products at all Vault Cannabis locations. Check out the menu for your nearest location and try out these companies for yourself. 


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