Top Selling Cannabis Products


Top Selling Cannabis Products

Products come and go in our stores and sometimes we get products that fly out the door so fast it’s difficult for some customers to ever try them. The legal, recreational marijuana retail market in lovely Washington state has come a really long way in the short time it’s existed. The products have been refined and perfected each year and they keep getting better all the time. There are some types of products that tend to sell more quickly than others. This is related to a few reasons, one reason being the types of products the majority of customers are interested in and buying. Another reason some products sell quicker is due to new products coming into the marketplace and also product trends within the marketplace. One more reason some products sell very quickly is related to our awesome sales and promotions. This blog post is going to cover top selling products that weren’t flying out the door due to a sale or promo. This article is about non-sale products that our customers love!


Flower remains to be an extremely strong seller, even with the ocean of cannabis products available at this point in the maturation of the industry. We stock flower from well over twenty different vendors at any given time. Flower is generally available in grams, eighths, quarters, half ounces and full ounces. You’ll find a nice range of price points across the different quantities, vendors and strains.

Here’s some of our best selling flower:

Phat Panda: Platinum Wedding Cake 7g and Platinum Indecent Proposal 3.5g

Lilac City Gardens: God’s Gift 3.5g and Gardens UW Purp 3.5g

Rogue Raven: Gorilla Glue #4 4g and Cherry Gorilla 4g. 

Mt Baker Homegrown: Critical Kush 3.5g and Tahoe OG 3.5g

Driftboat: Mini Buds Gods Gift 4g, Mini Buds Lost Cookies 4g, Chemdawg 3.5g, Blue Suede Shoes 3.5g

Treedom: Dutch Hawaiian 7g, Pineapple Express 3.5g, Dutch Hawaiian 3.5g, Glue 3.5g

And, we can’t forget:

Firebros Chemolition Man 3.5g, SubX Lime 43 3.5g, OMG Sykes The Vault Dutch Treat 28g, Golden Tree Gorilla Glue 3.5g, Kush Brothers Thin Mint Cookies 3.5g, Sweetwater Farms Royal Kush 3.5g, Freddy’s Fuego Rosado 3.5g, Fire House Greatful Puff 3.5g, Royal Tree Do Si Dos 3.5g, Blue Roots Animal Cookies 7g, Blue Roots Dirty Recon 7g, Equinox Gelato 3.5g and Equinox Super Silver Haze 3.5g.


There’s no question some of our customers love their joints, spliffs and pre-rolls. The Vault stocks tons of top tier products in this category. This includes infused pre-rolls and many other variations and takes on the classic joint. We also have countless strains from many of our vendors in more straight forward, classic pre-rolls.

Here are some our best selling pre-rolls:

NWCS: Preroll Snowland 1g, Preroll Green Crack 1g, Preroll Super Lemon Haze 1g, Preroll White Tahoe Cookies 1g, Preroll Big Smooth 1g

Phat Panda: Platinum Preroll Panda Face 1g, Platinum Preroll Trophy Wife 1g, Platinum Preroll

Tropicanna Cookies 1g, Preroll Kings Blend 1g, Preroll Sunset Sherbet 1g, Preroll Golden Pineapple 1g LEGIT: Preroll Infused Rude Boi 0.7g, Infused Preroll Prayer Tower .7g, Infused Preroll Sunshine Daydream .7g, Infused Preroll UK Fire .7g, Preroll Infused Grapefruit 0.7g, Infused Preroll Dutch Cookie .7g, Preroll Infused Blueberry Cookies 0.7g, Infused Preroll Mimosa .7g, Preroll Infused Blue Diesel 0.7g, Preroll Infused Cherry Cake 0.7g

Topshelf: Preroll 7pk Blue Dream 3.5g, Preroll 7pk

Tangie 1g, Preroll 7pk Dutch Hawaiian 3.5g, Preroll 7pk Dutch Treat 3.5g, Preroll 7pk Pineapple Super Silver Haze 3.5g

Artizen: Preroll Dutch Berry 2 pk, Preroll Space Queen 2pk, Preroll Sour Diesel 2pk Here’s even more of our top sellers in the pre-roll department:  Oleum Preroll Grape OG 1g, Oleum Preroll Key Lime Cupcake 1g, Sweetwater Farms Preroll ATF 1g, Fire House Preroll 2pk Greatful Puff 1g, Blue Roots Preroll 2pk Animal Cookies 1.4g, Blue Roots Preroll 2pk Trainwreck 1.4g, Western Cultured Preroll Cherry Pie 2pk 1g, Western Cultured Preroll Mega Jackpot 2pk 1g, Green Revolution Joystick Preroll 5pk Fly 4.5g, Green Revolution Joystick Preroll 5pk Elevate 4.5g, Kush Brothers Preroll 5pk White Tahoe Cookies, Treedom Preroll Pineapple Express 0.7g.

Vape Cartridges

There are several vendors that we work with to carry their vape cartridges. There are several price points, processing methods and types of concentrate found in cartridges. A few of the types of concentrate typically found in vape cartridges are: Live Resin, Distillate, c02 and BHO. Some of them contain very little if any flavor, including the natural flavor provided by terpenes. Some contain natural terpenes to provide flavor while others contain actual flavorings such as Lime or Raspberry. Here are some of our top sellers from a few of our vendors. Buddies: Skywalk OG, Pineapple, OG Kush, Sugar Kush, Columbian Gold, Venom, Flavored Raspberry, 3 Kings, Headband, Blue Dream Topshelf: Grand Daddy Purple, Strawberry Cough, Mendo Afgoo, Golden Pineapple, Dutchberry, Pineapple Super Silver Haze, Bubbleberry, Blue Dream, Dutch Hawaiian, Blackberry Kush And a few more: Dose Oil Chronic Thunder, Blue Roots Blueberry Muffin and Blue Roots Strawberry Lemonade.


The shelves of the Vault stores are stocked with plenty of quality concentrates. There’s no shortage of selection either! Cannabis processing methods and techniques have been steadily improving over the last few years. This enables us to provide our customers with outstanding products at highly competitive prices. Some of the types of concentrates we offer: c02, distillate, BHO, PHO, terp sauce terp diamonds, terp sugar, sugar wax, wax, crumble, shatter, live resin, badder, budder, cake icing, CBD sap and crystalline. That’s a lot!

Here are a few of the specific products that our customers love: Hi Guys: Wax 9# Hammer 1g, Hi Guys Wax Acapulco Gold 1g, Hi Guys Wax Alaskan Thunder Fuck 1g, Hi Guys Wax Black Diesel 1g, Hi Guys Wax Hindu Kush 1g

SPP Regulators: Wax Green Ribbon 1g, Wax Pineapple Express 1g, Wax GSC 1g, Wax Green Crack 1g Dank Czar: Special BHO 1g, Diamond Caviar Blueberry Cookies 1g, Diamond Caviar Blueberry Tangieland 1g

Some other vendors and products that have been a hit with our customers:

Sweetwater Farms Wax Live Resin Peaches and Diesel 1g, Sweetwater Farms Wax Amber Crystals Primus 1g, Black Label Wax Orange Kush 1g, Black Label Wax Blueberry 1g, Rogue Raven Three Trees Wax Fisherman 1g, Rogue Raven Three Trees Brimestone Haze 1g, Dose Oil Sugar Wax GG#4 X Dosidos 1g and Dab Dudes Wax Monster Cookies 1g.


The shelves of our stores are full of delectable, mouth watering edible cannabis products. The selection is wide with: candies, chocolates, tinctures, capsules, beverages, mints and so much more! It’s no wonder some of the cannabis edibles we carry barely have a chance to present themselves to our customers.

Here are some of the hot products customers can’t seem to get enough of:

NWCS: Capsule CBD 10pk 1000mg, Marmas Blue Raspberry 10pk 100mg, Crystal Clear Syringe Lemon OG Kush 1g, Pebbles CBD Raspberry 10pk 100mg, Marmas CBD Blue Raspberry 10pk 250mg, Koko Gemz Peanut Butter 10pk 100mg, Hi Burst Sour Pineapple Orange 10pk 100mg, Hi Burst Strawberry 10pk 100mg, Brownie Peanut Butter 10pk 100mg Verdelux Lush Mixed Berry 100mg, Illuminations CBD Lemon 100mg, Bon Bombs Raspberry Dark Chocolate 100mg, Bon Bombs Milk Chocolate 100mg Green Revolution: Tincture Beauty Sleep, Wild Side Summer Peach 17oz Fairwinds: Tincture CBD 20:1, Cartridge 10:1 CBD 0.5g, Tincture CBD 10:1


For our customers looking for salves, balms, rubs, scrubs and lotions we’ve got a beautiful selection of cannabis topical products. There’s options for heavy CBD, THC or 1:1. There’s scented and scent free products. New products are being created all the time in this exciting area of the market and we keep a close eye on great topicals.

Judging by the sales of the topicals we carry the following products are some of our customers favorites.

Ceres: Topical Gel Body Bliss, Topical Relief, Tincture Relief, Topical Recovery Topical Relax, Topical Dragon Balm And even more great cannabis topicals available at our stores: Honu Pain Stick, Vulcan Healing Balm, Green Revolution Topical Solace, NWCS Lotionz THC 5pk 300mg.    

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